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Julie Rosenquist





Welcome to my classroom at Flinthills High School! This is my sixth year teaching at Flinthills. I love our Mustang community! The best students in the world are learning here!


We will use Google Classroom again this year. Any parent can monitor his/her student's progress through the student's account. It is important students pay their computer lease fees to the office ASAP so they can maximize the time they have to complete class work and activities.


If your child misses a class, have him/her check Google Classroom first. I always post a Week at a Glance on Mondays in Google Classroom. The Week at a Glance identifies what we will do each day of the week. Students will see each day's activities and due dates posted Monday. This assists students who were absent because they can see the specific work they missed and the due dates. This also helps students who know they will be absent later in the week because they see what we will accomplish in class for the day(s) the student will be absent.


If students are out for quarantine or extended absences, they should check Google Classroom first. Students absent due to quarantine or extended absences should check in with me daily through email, Google Classroom, or a phone call. Please check with administration for current policies as these may change to reflect students receive credit for the class.


We will also use our online textbook, SAVVAS. Students have a login for this textbook. A cool feature in this program allows students to complete assignments within the program instead of on paper copy assignments. It will also provide feedback on tests immediately as well as for many assignments.


Students will receive adequate time in class to complete most work; however, some work will need to be completed outside of class. We will do SOME reading in class, but students will be expected to read on their own. Independent reading is an expectation of the state's standards, so we will need to include this in class. If you would like to review the state's standards, you can find them here:  https://community.ksde.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=g4s0HZxjYF4%3d&tabid=5559&mid=13575 Some class time will be provided for this silent reading in class, but students my need to read outside of school. I would not expect more than 20 minutes of reading to complete a reading assignment (providing students utilize the class time given). Please encourage your student to utilize their class time to complete independent reading. 


My plan time is 6th hour daily. If you would like to contact me, please do so during that time. I have a full schedule the remainder of the day. Also if you email me, I will definitely check my email during my plan time. I try to check my email earlier in the day, but that may not always be possible. Thank you for understanding!


Below is my daily class schedule:

1st Hour- Senior English

2nd Hour- Sophomore English

3rd Hour- Freshmen English

4th Hour- Junior English

5th Hour- Junior English

6th Hour- PLAN

7th Hour- Sophomore English


Now a  little bit about myself. I was born in ElDorado and lived in Augusta, Leon, and Emporia while in public school. I attended Emporia State University and earned my Bachelor of Science degree in English Education. I later earned my Masters of Science in Education Administration from ESU as well.  

This is my 19th year in education. I taught middle and high school English in Emporia, North Lyon County, and Southern Coffey County school districts. I also taught tradesmen at Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation required coursework so they could work outages at the nuclear power plant. Additionally, I taught two summers with the Kansas City division of the TRIO/Upward Bound program. I served two years as a building administrator but decided to go back into the classroom. I absolutely love teaching and working with kids. I greatly missed that when I was not in the classroom! 


My husband, Chris, and I celebrated our 30th anniversary this summer. My husband is a production worker at Hills Science Diet and is currently restoring a '49 Chevy pickup. We have a son who is a recent graduate of Flint Hills Technical College. He currently works as a security guard at Wolf Creek and composes music in his spare time.


I raise a variety of backyard chickens- Americauna, barred rock, buff orpingtons, and old English hens.  We have a Lab & Rott mix who patrols our yard, named Cecil. He's still in the big puppy stage although he is 6 years old. He gets confused if he is coming or going some days because he is so active. He is especially helpful when we need to tear down boxes. He drags them through the yard until they fall apart. He can make quite a mess, but that is what he enjoys and it helps get rid of those Amazon boxes.


I love being a part of the Flinthills team! I look forward to working with students, parents, and staff to make this a great year!

Phone: 620-476-2215 ext. 1052 j.rosenquist@usd492.org Room # 303C
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